Marathi Online” is the online version of the second, revised edition of Marathi in Context, the standard first-year textbook of the Marathi language designed for the American undergraduate.  This version of the textbook will not only make it more generally available to beginning learners of Marathi, wherever they may be, but also make it easier for them to use as the complete, self-contained course it was intended to be.

Marathi Online incorporates the same textual matter and lesson structure as the printed text.  All of these materials are keyed to the same line drawings that work so effectively in the textbook.  In addition, the online version has links to almost 10,000 individual audio files that cover all the Marathi portions of the printed text; i.e., dialogs, reading texts, exercises, and vocabulary.  The organization and presentation of the materials in the online version, in other words, are not a radical departure from the textbook version; however, the online medium significantly enhances the performance-based features that have made the course, even in the printed version, so student- and teacher-friendly. 

Click here to launch Marathi Online.

Technical Requirements

Marathi Online makes use of the “Online Cultural Heritage Research Environment” (OCHRE), an innovative Internet database system for cultural heritage information. OCHRE requires the Java Runtime Environment (version 6 or later), which comes preinstalled on most computers. If you do not have Java, or are not sure you have the latest version, click here to install Java, free of charge, and then click the link above to launch Marathi Online. OCHRE requires a high-speed Internet connection, at least 512 MB of main memory, and a screen resolution of at least 1024 × 768 pixels.  Apple Macintosh users must have OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” or higher.

[Last revised on  May 8, 2011.]

Online Cultural Heritage Research Environment

Organize and integrate all kinds of cultural heritage data, within one research project or across many different projects.

Marathi Online